"From The Lab Room To the Board Room"

By Carmen Sorice III

Many technical professionals have a desire to transition into the business world. This transition is often difficult to map out, and even more difficult to implement. In "From the Lab Room To the Board Room", Carmen Sorice III shares his own personal journey as he transitioned from a Research and Development engineering role in AT&T Bell Laboratories ... into successful sales and business development executive positions with several large Fortune 300 companies. Carmen uses a casual, down-to-earth, approach in sharing his successful journey, and the key lessons he learned along the way. Carmen explains how you can leverage these key lessons to help you develop and execute a plan to make your own transition a very successful one.

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Press: Channels & IT Consulting Services

Creating a Channel Strategy for the Evolving IT Industry

May 31, 2017 

Recently I was honored to be chosen for the sixth year in a row as a CRN Channel Chief, though not for the reason you might think. An honor like this is simply a reflection of a larger strategy that Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) put in place several years ago. The industry is moving at a record pace, and to keep up with the industry we, as a company, must be engaged and involved with all facets, even to the point of shaping its direction.

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The Rise of the Public Cloud and the Future of the Channel

November 29, 2016

Amazon Web Services (AWS) generated $7.88 billion in revenue last year and is on track to hit $10 billion in 2016. Though far smaller than AWS, public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud are on a fast growth curve.Those who play in the IT channel should take note: Every time AWS wins a customer, that’s another set of servers, firewalls, network connections, software and service that someone in the traditional IT channel is unable to sell. AWS’ $10 billion in anticipated revenue means that thousands of on-premises servers and associated equipment aren’t being sold through the channel this year.

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100 Most Visible Channel Leaders - 2016

Jay McBain  October 27, 2016

Excerpt from Jay's article:

"I have written in the past about Paul Revere and the applicability to the IT/Telecom Channel. It came from a chapter in Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point book. In the 'Law of the Few', Gladwell explains that a very select group of people are responsible for the "tipping" of almost all social epidemics. These people are special for their incredible abilities to communicate, teach, and persuade."

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3 Keys to Improving the ROI During Your Next Networking Event

September 28, 2016

We have all been there before … that moment when you are invited to a networking event, and you convince yourself that you will try to fit it in your busy schedule. Once the event approaches, you contemplate avoiding it, because after all, it is JUST a networking event and you have plenty of WORK that needs to get done. Networking is essential for your personal and professional development, and must be prioritized as such.Often times, “preparation” for these events is not taken as seriously as it should be, simply because these events are not viewed as seriously as they should be. You think about the location, the food, some of the people who may be there, and whether you will drive your own car, share a ride, or take an Uber.  I am proposing that you take a different approach. Spend some time preparing for the Networking event as you would for a presentation or business meeting. 

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Delivering Resiliency in a Digital World

January 28, 2017

Emails by the millions are being sent every second. Data is proliferating at an exponential rate. Transaction volumes are soaring. These are just a few of the ways the digital revolution is blitzing your business. It is no surprise that enterprises are transitioning to agile infrastructures to create more responsive and resilient IT environments.

Traditional IT approaches – with their slow-to-change and hard-to-scale legacy systems – simply cannot cope in this age of upheaval. Instead, “always on” availability, delivered through a hybrid IT approach, will be closely linked to your future business survival. Hybrid IT allows you to match the right apps or workloads to the right cloud resource, creating an agile IT environment where you can react to the swiftly-changing needs of a digital economy.

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Sungard AS Press Release 

LAS VEGAS – April 13, 2017 – Channel Partners magazine, a resource for indirect sales channels offering IT and telecom systems and services, is pleased to announce that Carmen Sorice, Senior Vice President, Global Channel Sales & Programs​ for Sungard Availability Services, has been selected as a winner of the 2017 Circle of Excellence Awards.Circle of Excellence winners were honored during an awards ceremony on April 12 at the Spring 2017 Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. These winners will be featured throughout the rest of 2017 on a special Channel Partners Immersion Center."Circle of Excellence honors executives for their vision, innovation and advocacy of the indirect channel during a time of transition," said Art Wittmann, content director of Channel Partners. "This program recognizes IT and telecom channel leaders who are helping their partners create business value for their customers.” 

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ChannelE2E Podcast

by Joe Panettieri • Oct 12, 2016

Welcome to our latest ChannelE2E Podcast  — co-hosted by Content Czar Joe Panettieri and CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux. Our guest is Carmen Sorice, senior VP of global channel sales at Sungard Availability Services.

We discuss disaster recovery services that stretch across on-premises and cloud workloads. We explore evolving business continuity views — especially amid the recent floods in Louisiana and Hurricane Season’s arrival here in the U.S. Plus, we confirm the continued need for on-premises recovery centers for equipment — and employees — who are displaced by major disasters.

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